01 July 2010


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OMG, OMG, OMG! Stand up.



  1. BP isn't letting their clean-up workers wear respirators. People have asked, "Why would they do that?" Here's why:

    Years ago my attorney told me, "If you ever run over someone, back up and run over them again to make sure they're dead. Awards in lawsuits for wrongful death are lower then for personal injury."

  2. I know from entirely too much experience defending refineries that the very faintest hint of any ability of even minuscule releases of anything not advisable to breathe brings down many, many lawsuits within days. They are CERTAINLY much happier to pay wrongful death judgments than the millions of personal injury suits just the sight of a respirator on a cleanup crew member would spark.

    We already know everyone in the vicinity should be wearing respirators and hazmat suits AND residents evacuated from the area... IF we were living on OUR planet. That's dirt obvious, and if it wasn't before this piece, it is NOW... but it was.

    This is PART of why I cannot fathom what measure of senility has beset Blue! to think that rising up could be worse than the alternative.


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