27 July 2010

WE are the bad guys

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Ya know, I was wondering just how long we were gonna let Russia and China thwart us and it's looking as though it wasn't ever gonna be long enough.
Russia has blasted new unilateral EU sanctions on Iran as "unacceptable", saying the measures undermine international efforts to rein in the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme.

EU foreign ministers formally adopted new sanctions on Monday on Iran's key energy sector, with Canada following suit, in a bid to push Tehran into talks on its nuclear programme.

"This not only undermines our joint efforts to seek a political and diplomatic settlement around Iran's nuclear programme, but also shows disdain for the carefully calibrated and coordinated provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

Russia also "categorically rejects" any attempts to use sanctions against companies and individuals from third countries who are "conscientiously carrying out the demands of UN Security Council resolutions," it said.
WE are the bad guys.


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