23 July 2010

we did NOT just start being idiots

[click image, audio mp3, twenty minutes]


It's been our habit for a very long time.



  1. Audio stopped about halfway through. Wouldn't go past the part about poisoning the Green River.

    When I reloaded the page the entire file loaded very quickly and I was able to move the slider to the middle and continue the interview.

  2. As a child the "Big Game" fish was indeed the Rainbow. Going trout fishing meant bringing home rainbows.

    My dad, uncle and their friends would take me along to the Embarrass River to go trout fishing.

    The water was colored red from all of the iron deposits in the area. This is a photo of spawning sturgeon from the Wolf river to which the Embarrass is a tributary.

    I was around eight years old at the time. They would all be fly fishing in the rapids and insisted that was were I needed to fish if I were to catch anything. I couldn't handle a fly rod so I was drowning worms and catching my daily limit of rocks.

    I gave up and went upstream to calm water, bearing my father's criticism that I was wasting my time and would never catch anything there.

    There was a large rock in the middle of the stream and I was enjoying watching my worm float slowly down the stream, accelerating as it slid past the rock.

    Suddenly, on about the fourth pass, there was a large flash of silver and my line went taught, bending my fishing rod severely. With a loud shout of "A Tout!" heard over the roar of the rapids, I yanked my rod back, sending my prey airborne over my head and back into the woods behind me.

    The largest fish caught all week - by a factor of at least two!

    (I never knew they were not native)

  3. Yuh. I almost unlinked it last night because their mp3's were acting waaaaay psycho on me, but that one seemed to be working okay.... I just thought it was time for a little reminder of what jackasses we've always been.... I mean, even though nowadays our jackassitude has gone off all imaginable charts, it ain't like it's a new thing.

  4. I never knew they were stocking our mountain lakes with them until I was about thirty years old. Even though they ARE native here, they stock them here as well. THE big game is the Brown. Getting a Brown is equivalent to dropping a rhino. It's all cool as long as it's catch and release or only keeping what yer eating... not packing in yer freezer, but EATING right after you catch it. Trout are my family. We swim together in the Yuba nude.

  5. I've been snorkeling in the Yuba - you can swim right up to them until their tails brush your diving mask. Way cool!

    By the Hwy 49 bridge outside of Nevada City.

  6. I go up a couple miles on a dirt road from there, park, tromp another half mile or so, strip, and start doing my floaty thing where I propel myself with my fingers on the riverbed and all the fry and little guys just start following me everywhere I go. Grampa hangs under my basking rock. Only comes out for something REALLY good. He's awesome. He's authoritative. Don't fuck with him.

  7. The spot we go to is upstream of the bridge a little way. Somewhat populated with other nude bathers, but nice pools to swim in and sandy beaches.

    We made the mistake one time of staying too late - found out the hard way that when it gets dark in the canyon, it gets dark FAST!

    Couldn't find the trail so headed out along the river's edge.

    Trying to scramble our way over the jumble boulders the size of houses to get back out was a thrill indeed!


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