19 July 2010

what can i do to make you want it badly enough?

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You have to want it as much as a drowning man wants a breath of air....


Maybe gonna be a very big deal... better READ it... or watch it....


And bookmark it....

I'm sure the whole thing will be pulling punches to the extent that we will end up, in the best possible if only remotely feasible scenario, with one big jeepers-we-really-need-to-straighten-this-out thing. The whole business about how everyone in the Dubya "Administration" freaked out, leapt off cliffs clear on the other side of beyond the pale, in order to keep us poor widdle fatsos safe in our widdle beds will happen all over again, only expanded to cover these hundreds of thousands of clandestine contractors running in the black. It'll all amount to the big long string of excuses—all identical, but made to seem like a string of them—Frontline was putting out all through the last couple years of the dark years before we all leapt up to catapult Cinderella to his starring role as some ridiculous anachronism of... what was that? the most powerful man in the world? or was that the Emperor of Earth? no, no, no, it was Leader of the Free World... the change we all thought we would drop dead waiting for... that's the ticket... anyway, we were all partying and panting with relief while it got even darker. It was such a shock that some of us are YET completely unwilling to cede that there's no light at the end of this tunnel, and we can't turn around. Anyway, best case: everyone's going to get a free pass, WaPo will regain its stature with the upstanding, and NOTHING substantive will get done about it.

The piece will be, no doubt, FULL of stuff you didn't even know there was out there to know, and this will seem to you to have uncovered something that will demand action to correct it in our government. It will be dealt with as competently as the bailouts, the health insurance mandate and the non-reform of our criminal financial superstructure. It will be WORSE than a letdown. It will certify our fascism up through a trap door in the floor. It will be more sleeping powder. A lot more.

What's worse is: This sleeping powder that will be heaping up on everyone, blowing around in what atmosphere we still have, clogging our ears and eyes and nostrils and lungs and brains, will be delivered as America's Big Awakening from the dark years. The snoring will be way louder. The malapropisms will be flying out so hard and fast we'll need flak jackets and helmets under our down comforters.

So. Pay attention.

Think of it as being behind the wheel of a school bus full of children on a dangerous mountain road. If you sleep, they're all dead. That is not a bad analogy for it. Just multiply that by a few billion and you've got the stakes here.


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