31 July 2010

while i was down barfing my marrow up out of my bones

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Congress was very busy indeed.



  1. Can you direct me to the vomitorium?

  2. I have found that carrying one of those Tupperware plastic juice pitchers around with a roll of paper towels is the best approach. BE SURE TO TAKE THEM TO BED WITH YOU AS YOU ARE APT TO BE RUDELY AWAKENED WITH NO TIME TO GET TO SUITABLE CONTAINMENT FOR THE EXISTENTIAL POISON THAT IS LIFE IN THESE UNITED STATES.

  3. Oh!

    Way cool!

    Maybe I can get in on the ground floor!

  4. Cool...

    everyone went to bed, now I have the living room to myself. Time to put on my new strings.

  5. I hate going to the guitar store! Found a used Gibson Hummingbird for only $1,895!

    And a six string banjo that I fell in love with - only $495 on sale, $750 normally.

    Crap, it took me 6 months to work $10 into the budget for a new set of strings!

    But I did get to play the Bird, the banjo and a couple of Taylors for a little while!

    I hate going home from the guitar store!

  6. I think possibly you should consider opening your own guitar store. It could solve all your problems.

  7. OMG...

    At your link they have the survey - add me to the very concerned - but then down below they say this:

    Account Problem

    Your account type requires additional information before we can set up your profile. Please send your login username and your real first and last name to journalcommunity@wsj.com

    So they can track me! Dah!

  8. I think possibly you should consider opening your own guitar store.

    Maybe that would be better than selling Facebook info - ya think?

  9. Pfeh!

    What's the big deal...

    Churches burned the Beatles albums and they did just fine!

  10. I'll open a Koran counter in the corner of your guitar store.

  11. Maybe just slightly rich, otherwise I'd have to hate us!

  12. No, no! EXTREMELY rich so we can show them how to do it RIGHT. It just so happens that it's about 99.99% motherfuckers who are rich now, but riches and motherfucking do not HAVE to be identical!

    Although, I would prefer to just abolish money and have done with the whole STUPID sliding scale.

  13. Fuck!

    Not finding any cameras showing the wellhead right now...

  14. Yes. I saw about the insurance file. I think it may have been linked in one of the things I posted already. Assange needs insurance. The fucking scummy side of the lizardry crowd is working overtime to discredit him, too. I don't know what is up with that, but my head is too sore and muddled and I had to take my contact lenses out. So I'm thinking it will all be here for me when I am in better shape for it.

  15. On the BP thing, I have given up hoping to find bits of actuality. They have put out too much disinformation. They have put a lid on too much vital information. Too many people are all the way 'round the bed with horror stories even more horrible than the facts on the ground, whatever they are, and it has occurred to me that there is not a drop of sense left in trying to parse any of it. We already know they have made the Gulf SO toxic that millions of sentient beings have died and will die from it.

    We didn't get up and force this thing to be handled right.

    We will pay the price.

  16. Spike Lee - BP Oil

    But HBO? Fuck - everyone needs to see it!

  17. Is he going to put in there about the DEATH RATE OF LOCALS that can be expected from this spill? He's calling for Obama to bring a hammer down? Give me a break! Obama will bring a hammer down on HIM.

    He's as asleep as everyone else.


  18. Now I lay me down to sleep
    Protect me from the lizard's creep
    And confine within the chancellery
    That scaly cold blooded Hillary
    And in the morning when I rise
    Let all my dreams be realized
    That as promised there is good change
    Lest I succumb and become deranged


  19. Oh, man, oh, man, is you ever settin' yerseff up fer a fall!

    Sweet dreams.


  20. I wanna kill!
    I wanna kill!
    I wanna see blood and guts and veins in my teeth!
    I wanna eat dead burnt bodies!
    I mean Kill Kill Kill...

    Not quite up to date

    But close...


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