01 August 2010

the coldblooded need a warmer planet

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BB2 wants to know if I can swim. I am a great swimmer... except I don't float right. Most people bob straight up to the surface when they just let themselves go limp. I, on the other hand bob straight up to a foot or two below the surface and stay there unless I thrash and kick. My father has the same problem.

It's probably wrong of me to share these links with you. This may be the change Dear Leader was mentioning on the stump all the time, but it has been made clear he's not about to deal with it and neither is congress and neither are millions of people who have been driven to the depths of psychosis in their extreme aversion to the notion of oligarchs taking over the world and making us pay carbon taxes. No amount of reminding them that the oligarchs already have control of the world and we are already paying the most outrageous carbon taxes imaginable seems to settle them into any mode of planning to undo these brute facts. Hell, ANY brute facts. Nossir. It's easier to scream at those of us who wish to face facts and do whatever it takes... scream until we are ready to die of frustration.

Don't stand up. Continue to pick on people and concepts more your size. Pay no attention to that space lizard behind the curtain. Get mad at all the wrong people and maybe you can pick some of them off for the rulers of the world who don't want them here anyway. Much more doable plan. Don't stand up. Sleep walking is dangerous.


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