10 August 2010

don't let this one go

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The longer this stuff is let pass, the worse it gets.


Here is Simmons in a twenty-one-minute interview on King World News.

Here is The Oil Drum attempting to debunk his story. This "debunking" was good enough for many, but was really ONLY someone grasping for mainstream sources to refute what Simmons was refuting to begin with... circular reasoning... and ending with trying to condemn the man for his statements about the lethality of methane... which IS lethal in heavy enough exposures and also after multiple exposures to too much of it. It's just hard to pin down, to quantify with precision, because there's plenty of methane floating around even when everything's hunky dory on Planet Earth.

Methane has an NFPA health hazard rating of "may be harmful if inhaled or absorbed" and its RTECS class is "other", which is short for Other Multiple Dose Effects... or not precisely quantifiable because of the range of incidents of exposures can range from almost nil to lethal. I guarantee, if you inhale too much methane, depending on the amount, you will be anywhere from feeling very ill to dead... if only from its asphyxiant value.

When he was talking about the methane killing sea life, it seems reasonable to me that he was referring to the water being so permeated with it that it rendered the critters unable to get enough oxygen to survive the exposure. When he is talking about people, I think it's reasonable to assume he meant the same thing, that prolonged exposure to too much methane would kill a lot of people. This seems REASONABLE.

Go to your stove. Turn on the gas, but don't ignite it. Don't kill yourself, but let me know how you feel after a few minutes of breathing it, okay? And I think the guys at The Oil Drum should DEFINITELY try this experiment FIRST. They should have tried it before posting such spurious shit to discredit Matt Simmons.

I don't know this for a fact, but I believe it would be a fruitful course of investigation, that Simmons was talking about the behavior of abiotic oil when he was talking about the lake of crude sitting on the bottom of the Gulf. REFINED oil is lighter than water. Parts of crude oil are too, but other parts not, and perhaps if you have it from a drill some five to six miles down into the mantel, you have hit crude that's not advanced in its development enough to act like the stuff we have KNOWN experience with. I think we have some people out there who DO have experience with it, and Matt Simmons would have known them.

Although I'm CERTAIN they're all too terrified to come out and talk about it just now.




Here is a six-part video playlist of Simmons being interviewed by some Fundamentalist Christian news site. You might be doing yourself a favor to skip most of the first video in the series. It's making me feel as though I'm breathing methane....

Really. He only talks for about thirty seconds at the end of that first segment, and you will spare yourself that toxic feeling if you just start with the second one, but it's important to listen to this. You need to know the kind of stuff he was saying before they suicided him.

In Part 3 of this playlist, he confirms he's talking about asphyxiation from methane.

He also states that he doesn't know about this stuff himself, but he has [had] a battery of top scientists reporting to him all the time. THAT caps it.

They capped him to keep those scientists SILENT. Let's hope they failed.

So, excuse me, but FUCK The Oil Drum.

[Here's the mp3 of this interview. And here is the mp3 of an interview by the same guy about a week later with a couple of scientists who were measuring the methane levels in and around the Gulf.]


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  1. What was that thing we were talking about several weeks back - the new delivery system for untraceable poison?

  2. No bells are ringing.

    But this fits the bill.

  3. GROUPTHINK should be extinctified with the plutocrats. Then this would be paradise.


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