13 August 2010

don't worry trita

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He's not given to disappointing neocons. He's happy to oblige.

THAT'S the problem.



  1. Heading home now, but before I leave, what do you make of this:


  2. I left a reply there for the jackass.

    He's awfully active on this subject and so I googled him. He had a blog on Obama's campaign site. I think Obama's people are doing to Wikileaks what they are doing to the Tea Parties. They know how to stroke the self-righteousness in Left Groupthinkistan and they fucking well do, AND using tactics directly out of the GOPAC playbook.

  3. Why bother renditioning Assange or shutting down his site when you can turn him into ANOTHER motivation for armies of liberal idiots to gleefully disparage with as many cleverisms and "erudition" as they can muster?

    PLUS, they know by now that 98% of us won't budge, even if the truth is being bullhorned to the rooftops. So... pfeh.

    The enemy is not stupid.

    And the enemy is as liberal as it is conservative.

  4. Oh, and, right, later, dude.

  5. We have *always* been at war with Eastasia.


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