07 August 2010

i can't find my marbles anywhere

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I so way slept in today, needing at least a week's worth of REM as I did and seemed to be getting it all in one shot. Well. So. Then. Then it came upon me to wake up my computer while making my coffee. I didn't get two feet from my machine when all sorts of bells and whistles started going off... emails from every corner of the known universe. One of them was the email with a comment from BB2 on it that seemed to be saying Fidel wanted Obama to nuke Iran, start WWIII.


Not realizing yet that my marbles had been lost, I set immediately about finding the refutation for this outrageous state of affairs, and did a FINE job of it, you will have to agree, if you read all my updates to my Fidel post.

Except. Well. BB2 didn't say that and neither did anyone else. It was completely about my lost marbles and no coffee. I got my coffee finally, but, well, my marbles are not showing up. I gotta go find my glasses now and do some serious marble hunting. If I can't find my own, it would be unwise to use any stray marbles from others. This might get loud.



  1. She screams with laughter. Something black tears loose and drops away. It seems to her for a moment that she quite nearly can SEE.... Just her imagination....

  2. Jesus! My neighbors have been getting mysterious UPS deliveries lately! They better NOT be testing out their new BlendTec on MY marbles! There will be hell to pay!


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