16 August 2010

i know you will be thrilled to explore this for yourself

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Is it me, or has there been virtually NO use made of this stuff? The MSM, which is now including most of the intertubes, has preferred to help the administration inject clouds of smoke. Trolls and bootlickers, without even any interlude for strategery, just leapt on besmirching Assange in such a manner as to immediately elicit the paranoia lurking in the hearts of everyone left with any ability to discern actuality through this impenetrable haze. Nice work. Anyone who has witnessed the way teens organize in utter silence nowadays, texting, knows how instantaneously flash mobs can swarm cyberspace. It is so refreshing to have a president who understands all these modern gizmos, innit?



  1. So it does indeed seem. I don't know if it would have been otherwise had the fascists not instantaneously turned it into a controversy over Assange's moral standing, but I'm plenty pissed about how oblivious everyone is to the blatant use of tactics we have reviled to the point of foaming hysteria when implemented by "the right".

    It's HORRIFIC. It's irrefutable proof that we are being played and enslaved and purposefully turned back into cavemen by an elite full of sociopaths, and people who flatter themselves about their intelligence completely omit comment on this BRUTAL fact.


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