13 August 2010

i think i need another cigarette

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I was doing pretty well in keeping my standard operational apoplexy down there for a while, but since hearing Tarpley, who I even know is a theorizer of dire scenarios, mentioned about the immediate cure for a dead dollar will be WWIII, my urge to hysteria has bumped up another notch. The hitch being that it has been drilled into all our heads that WWII pulled us out of the Great Depression. It didn't, but nobody pays any attention to that. It's definitely consensual reality in the United States, and even if it were not, it's the official line in DC, so THAT will out anyway, always.

So I'm warning you, you will need to gird yourself somehow if you intend to wade through this piece.


It struck me that I could go rent a movie to pull myself out of it. So ah did. Polanski. Take that, ye bastids.


While I'm relaxing with The Ghost Writer, maybe you want an hour of Icke [mp3] to further convince you of the wisdom of the heroin patch/lobotomy...?


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