10 August 2010

i vant to bite your neck

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Google’s betrayal of the public trust and abuse of the tax funded subsidy gifted to them – to bilk hundreds of billions in revenues from the publicly financed Internet – has made them public enemy No 2, right behind Lloyd Blankfein.

We will all be living in a virtual Gaza soon; a digital ghetto created by war profiteering, market and regulatory rigging scum that blast their poisonous lies over corporate media 24/7 – corrupting babies in the womb.

Children born in America today will be born into a Google-Verizon owned and operated digital ghetto. Next on the agenda will be new laws to legalize online gambling. This will be the final nail in the coffin of the country previously known as America.

I feel privileged, I have lived during the time of ‘Peak America.’ I feel horrible for those coming up now; grad school debt slaves working as pole dancers, MIT ‘quant’ geeks working as ‘fluffers’ for Goldman Sachs. They will never know what America was like before the womb robbing pigs and charlatans on Wall St. and Google sucked the marrow of the Declaration of Independence of its very last drops of hope.

Max Keiser

You may have noticed I changed my search box to Scroogle. I am in the midst of checking out alternative search engines... and considering other options—a-goddam-gain—for my blogging platform. I'm taking this very seriously. This is going to be HARD. Google has made life too easy for us, showered us with so many goodies we are already too used to exploiting, that we are going to be loath to divest ourselves of its charms—the problem with the good/evil continuüm.

When everyone thinks good is good, this is not good.

We, most of us, are getting a glimpse of this fundamental truth right now. I, for one, propose to see it, learn from it and act accordingly, if I possibly can.





  1. Google sucks, and it hosts our blogs!


  2. And Verizon - sheesh - why does anybody buy those plans?

    We have 4 phones through Metro-PC.

    $125/month total for all 4 including all taxes and fees.

    Unlimited minutes
    Unlimited texting
    Unlimited internet access

  3. I can gleefully report that Verizon sold my local telephone service to someone else. I am very serious about un-Googling to the greatest extent I can.


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