06 August 2010

if you like hummers

[click image — note the fly for scale]


You'll love this.



  1. We have a feeder hanging outside the front door.

    One day I walked out the door and a hummingbird was at the feeder.

    I froze to watch it. Upon seeing me it flew over and hovered about 4 inches in front of my face then stayed there for about 45 seconds checking me out before returning to the feeder.

    Pretty cool!

    When I was a kid I used to catch butterflies and moths. One day I say this big moth flying over my mother's flowering ground cover.

    I swooped down on it with my net, capturing it.

    When I reached in to get the moth I was freaked out when a hummingbird came flying out.

    Our neighbors back then had a ruby throated humming bird crash into their window and got injured.

    They put it in a bird cage and nursed it back to health over several weeks. It would sit on your finger and became rather tame. Once they let it go it hung around and would come and sit on your finger if you held it out. It returned every summer for several years after that and would still come and sit on your finger.

  2. Yes! You say-saw it! :oP


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