13 August 2010

the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

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I have been listening to an old Alex Collier interview and I thought I ought, in the name of decency and fairness, to call your attention to something he said in Part 3. So the image link is just the one... and I imagine you will catch the salient line immediately upon hearing it.


Oh, duh, I just found the whole interview in one. It took place in 1994.

I finally understand why he's been so reluctant to come out in public lately. He must have taken oceans of shit for this interview. I just really want you to hear him saying back in 1994 what our window of time was going to be... and consider where he says he got the information.

Though, you are missing out on some beautiful speech if you skip the rest of this.


I've changed my mind. Please listen to the whole thing. Ignore whether you find the space alien stuff credible or not, and listen to this guy. Just listen to him.


[Frantic from Area 51....]



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