15 August 2010

pardon me

[click image, via Agent BB2]


I have been spending a great deal of my "morning" corresponding with someone who may very well be getting something nonpartisan and big together. Someone who sees what I see.


No WONDER they slammed the lid down on even the charade of capping the blowout. OMG!


Oh, and do NOT forget about MATT SIMMONS.



  1. I just had another long call with my mother. I had to yell at her. Maybe I broke through her crust a bit. Probably not. I'm freaking about this evidence that the fish are being killed off by the BP mess. THIS MEANS GREAT BRITAIN WILL EITHER ALSO START GETTING SLIMED OR ICE OVER IF THE LOOP CURRENT HAS ACTUALLY STALLED. It means it's way worse down in the Gulf than we've even heard a whiff of so far, and if they didn't fake Fuck Head swimming with his LITTLE GIRL in it, that he should be arrested for CHILD ENDANGERMENT.

    AND impeached.



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