14 August 2010

pregnant dreams

[click image, video, hour and a half]


86 was at the grocery store, coming out from being inside. I had too many unread magazines. I was trying to give them to him because I know they are his favorites, but he was ignoring me. I think I did one of those cosmos-ripping barks of the old masters and he saw the magazines and took them before sinking immediately back into his thing, his life. He got in the MG Midget I drove as a very young woman. Agent 98 was in the passenger seat, but he got in the passenger seat and she miraculously slipped over to the driver's seat. I was impressed. But they were bickering and 86 was back out of the car, and she was arguing with him about what the hell did he want... it sort of backlit my impossible project of getting all the garbage that had escaped the dumpster back into it, and I just cleaned it up and started back to my car that was a long way across the parking lot, almost off it.

There was a cat, an incredibly beautiful cat, with long hair and the color of a Burmese, the dark part of a Burmese, who took a sudden avid interest in me. We were in many rooms and I was holding and petting and hugging the cat. The cat was jumping in my lap and slinking around doorways, once squooshing through a skinny slit to get out and I thought, no! come back, and it immediately did, disappearing as it did so.

I opened a door without knocking and there was a man of about sixty in the room with his feeble mother. I apologized for intruding and he started to be testy about it, but was so consumed with the care of his mother that he just went back about doing that, talking about it loudly as he went.

Then it was all manner of iterations of pregnancy. The great no one again showing me the ropes, going from a belly full of twenty-five or thirty to one to a kind of none that was still coming out of the womb, giving birth to myself. I woke up today on the subject of giving birth to myself.



  1. That photo keeps freaking me out - she looks just like Kaela!

  2. Yeesh. I could see how unsettling THAT would be for you. Sorry.

  3. We were worried about it when her best friend ended up pregnant at 15 going on 16. After watching her friend go through it though, she has come to her senses.


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