09 August 2010

since it is an emergency i will link you to groupthink

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  1. Noodles again...

    And have you noticed? The canned tuna used to be 6.25 ounces - now it is 5 ounces and costs more!

    Oh, tortillas - gone through the roof! Used to be 12 pack for around $2.49, now 10 pack for $4.29!

    The market always had some fruit for $.99/lb or even less - now everything is $1.99 or higher.
    Grapes $3.99/lb - give me fucking break!

    Milk - $3.98/gallon - but you can buy 2 gallon jugs bound together with a plastic thingy at the neck for $4.69 total for both! - WTF?

    I hate buying stuff at Walmart, but it and their Sam's Club are becoming the only places I can afford to shop.


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