06 August 2010

someone dared call alex jones a liar

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I can't believe it.

So, no matter what, even if Jones is being hysterical, you can't trust the Rhodes Scholar at Wired. Nossir. I'm serious. He called Alex Jones a liar. Whatever else he is, he is NOT a liar.



  1. Well, I don't know if what all these people say about Alex and Israel is so. It may be completely a case of not wanting to bring THAT army of censure down on his head along with the rest, or he may hate Arabs and love Israel. I don't know.

    I know that SOTT is worse about climate change than he is about the Middle East... AND run by a couple of con artists who milk bliss ninnies for everything they're worth.

    I know Rivero has a permanent case of priapism against Israel and even when there's serious, serious shit coming down you can't find links to good stuff about it without wading through acres of anti-Israel crap.

    I know Les Visible is hard core anti-Jew. Any Jews. Insists he has the goods on them and that if I knew what he knew I'd be anti-Jew too... not just anti-Israel. I must admit there are moments when I feel like I know what he means, though he did NOT explain himself to me, moments when I can see that Jews everywhere could halt the horrors and do not, but, well, I also caught him using his blog to cast around for a new ketamine supplier and almost died of a stroke. He is spectacularly self-involved, while calling himself enlightened, and unfortunately is a very compelling writer.

    Point being: I do not pay that much attention to any of these people. They're all too unreliable, too busy stroking our outrage for cash. I give Alex his due because he is out there ACTIVELY on the front lines screaming, and I have never caught him in a lie. Sometimes he makes more of something than it's worth, but I don't know if he's even capable of lying. There's a crucial difference between hysteria and lying. I also give Rivero, grudgingly, some respect because [1] he has laid down a pretty fabulous set of basic documents about heinous perfidies that have been covered up, and [2] when he was starting his roll toward sensationalizing the "financial 9/11" of 2008, I researched it, found it wrong, made a hairy deal of telling him so, and he desisted, backed down, told everybody to chill.

    It's all mooted anyway by the FACT that we now live in times where each of us must look at things for ourselves and decided what of it is true and what false. I resent the snot out of how much work this is, and KNOW most people won't or can't do it, but that IS the bottom line. That IS the truth.

  2. I guess I shouldn't neglect to reiterate that I truly believe that all of us, Alex Jones right up there, prevented Portland, Oregon from getting nuked with the nuke Fudd stole out of the B52 nukes fiasco... strictly by our hysterical vigilance. We made it so they couldn't do it. We busted 'em trying to false flag us into attacking Iran that way.

    So there is merit to hysteria, too.


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