12 August 2010

them changes

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Something I keep wondering about is when they mention two bodies in space coming into alignment with each other. Stop me if I'm wrong, but aren't any two bodies in space ALWAYS in alignment with each other? I'm sure this is just me continuing to misunderstand the usage, but, well, anyway, it gets on my nerves. Notwithstanding this reservation, I like listening to Paul LaViolette pontificate. He makes a lot of sense with most things.



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  11. I am sorry, BB2. I made the error of thinking I could remove comments from the list and it wouldn't remove them from the blog. I can't undo this.

  12. Oh, well, it's not THAT bad. We weren't talking about anything TOO important and a lot of it was just testing the spammitude of yer little comment editor gizzy... and we have seen that, yes, the new blogger spam filter doesn't like that gizzy... must be something used by spammers to cover more ground....

    I'm hoping they will just give people a better means to do their comments and code right here at the comment box level and obviate any inconvenience to you.

    OR, hell, I'll just keep fishing you out of the spam folder....


  13. Ya, but it wouldn't let me type the code!

    Kept telling me my "A" tag was open when it wasn't!

    I'm going to try again in the next comment.

    I found the message about the spam filter in my dashboard header. I clicked the "more info" link and it says you can mark comments as not spam, so hopefully that will then allow people to create links in the future without being disappeared.

  14. OK gonna write some code...

    I had to switch my Google home page to the Canadian version after Google did a hatchet job on the US edition making completely unmanageable ad formatted to what Google thought I would like rather than the way I had - which WAS the way I liked it.

    But now I get to see headlines filtered through a Canadian view.

    I haven't seen this in the US news

  15. That time it let me post - let's see if it stays.

    Or have you now marked me as non-spam therefore it is allowing me?

  16. Nope - as soon as I posted the above comment the one with my link was disappeared.

    Shit I feel like I'm in a hot tub or small airplane or something - this sucks.

    How about if I don't make it an actual link?

    From the Canadian News:


  17. Are we back to the copy and paste days?

  18. How prophetic that this has occurred under the heading of them changes!

    In their section on the new spam filter they say:
    If you have questions about what constitutes spam on Blogger, please review our Content Policies. Where "Content Policies is a link. Clicking said link yields: We're sorry, but the information you've requested cannot be found.

  19. You can help improve our ability to automatically detect spam comments by checking your Spam Inbox and deleting spam comments

    Oh Oh - hope you didn't make us permanently spam!

    And WTF? Why are all last night's comments gone - not all had links, why were they in your spam box?

    And how can the blog owner be spamming their own blog?

  20. No. It does not seem to learn that you are not spam. It just feels something hinky and dumps you there and I must fetch you out each time.

    DO you mean to tell me that you cannot merely TYPE CODE STRAIGHT INTO THE BOX HERE?

    It's not as though it's anything taxing to do manually. I'm supremely unclear on the mechanisms you use to post comments, but I don't understand why you find them handy dandy... there MUST be a reason, but from my end, or Maccitude, or Safariness, I JUST DON'T GET IT!

  21. No. No. There is also now a COMMENTS page in yer admin section and I was thinking it was just there to scan for spam and I could clear pages that were not spam. I DELETED 25 COMMENTS ON MY BLOG ALL IN ONE SWIPE WHILE THINKING I WAS JUST DELETING THEM FROM THE ADMIN PAGE.

  22. Sent to Blogger:

    Your Blogs URL: http://bluebear2.blogspot.com
    Browser(s) used: Firefox 3.6
    Location: USA

    My friends and I daily share links to other websites and news articles by posting the links using html code so they can be clicked directly instead of copying what sometimes can be very long URL strings and then pasting them into our browser address bar.

    Not that you have activated the spam filter thingy all these comments are being marked as spam causing us much work to keep a conversation flowing, having to check our spam box every couple of minutes to find each other's comments with links.

    This very annoying. In the 4 years I have had my blog I have only had about 4 spams show up in my comments.

    Is there a way to turn this feature off?

    (Currently this has not been started on my blog, by a friend's blog now has it and it is driving her nuts!)


  23. I was thinking it was just there to scan for spam


    Supposedly there is an actual spam box - they say you can mark stuff not spam.

    My code thingy is an extension for Firefox -


    Makes adding code a two click process.

    Earlier today, when I typed in the code instead of using my gizmo blogger commenting kept telling me that its tag was not closed. The code was correct, but it refused to let me post.

    Earlier in this session it did let me post the comment, but the comment was gone when I post the comment right after it.

    I see the comment is now back, so you must have marked it not spam.

  24. Here is another with a link - gizmo created - let's see if it stays...

  25. By golly I think it knows I'm not spam!

    3 more comment posts and four page refreshes after that and I'm still there.

  26. Still at work - I'm going home now.

    Nice chicken waiting to take a sauna in the George Foreman roaster.

    The thing works great! Moist, fall off the bone chicken in an hour and it doesn't heat up the house!

  27. Speaking of changes - strip your clothes and head for the cliff...

  28. Bluebear2 said...

    OK, both there

    8/12/10 5:55 PM

    Well crap, now the one I typed is gone! The gizmo one is still there.

  29. Nope - back to its old tricks!

    The comment I just left before the one before this one is now gone too!

  30. Dude. Yer gonna give yerself a heart attack. Half the time it knows yer not spam and the other half it thinks you ARE. The system does not learn that you are spam, and apparently isn't learning that you're not. This would seem to be a bug they need to iron out. I'm NOT going to leave any more messages about the fuckups on their fucking useless forums. I'm SURE others are doing it for me.

    I'm fixing to knock over a bank so I can have my own place... just PRECISELY how I want it, with NO intrusions from providers.

  31. Now I guess you put the comment back.

    What a pain!

  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8v486aUYu0

    Copy and paste - what a pain!

  33. Copy & Paste


  34. I'm typing in this link....

    The only time it ever doesn't let me post is when I screwed up the code. Let's see if it puts me in my spam bin.


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