07 August 2010

who was it, lately lamenting that vampires are being made chic?

[click image]


Such a sense of humor that global elite has, eh?


Why did they shut down my favorite loop current graphic?

Why do all the sources for viewing its activity STOP sometime back in June?

Do you think they even actually plugged the blowout? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?


How very creepy/odd. I went off to keep trying elsewhere, and coming into ostensibly the same information from another angle rendered a current look at the loop current... I think...? It would, I admit, be optimal if I could find my marbles, but right in the middle of searching I had another contact lens catastrophe and so may have to just give up this line of inquiry until I can get this straightened out and those damn marbles pried from wherever they're hiding....



  1. It was me. They've turned vampires, the ultimate psychopaths, into the good guys.

  2. Well, there you have it! And I witnessed, drop-jawed, the YouTube live coverage of the opening of whatever the latest sexy young vampires in love movie is called. There was a mob there. People had camped out for a week to see the stars arrive.

    All that, and they only had to apply for a job with BP.

  3. Say! You wouldn't happen to have seen my marbles, would you?

  4. Nope, no loose mobbles down this way.

  5. Oh, crikey. I better not have barfed them all out at Peggy and Jim's! I'm totally fucked if that's the case.

  6. While I haven't found time to listen to your previously posted playlist on the subject of the loop current, it did send me on a search where I found this.

  7. I witnessed, drop-jawed, the YouTube live coverage of the opening of whatever the latest sexy young vampires in love movie is called. There was a mob there.

    Twilight is the movie series. I can attest to its draw. The older of my daughters has joined the crowds at the local theater waiting many hours in advance to get into the midnight premier showing. Younger daughter could care less - Bride of Chucky and Jeepers Creepers are more her style.

  8. Regarding the Zangari loop current link I left above, it might be easy to overlook the update link:

    Cover up in progress

    Ties back directly to your link at Why do all the sources for viewing its activity STOP sometime back in June?

  9. At the cover up link, under the heading NRLSSC Wave Height Comparison for
    June 12, 2009 and June 12, 2010
    the same source you have linked is mentioned. The link there is also non-responsive - times out after several minutes trying to connect.

  10. Then it gets stranger with this disclaimer:

    Dear Marshall Masters, please publish immediately the following disclaimer on the same page http://yowusa.com/earth/2010/earth-0810-05a/1.shtml and/or where everyone can read it


    The letters, images, analysis and statements attributed to me and
    published today without my permission and appointment by Marshall Masters at the web pagehttp://yowusa.com/earth/2010/earth-0810-05a/1.shtml were totally distorted and misunderstood. I never talked of falsification, or accused or intended to accuse anyone of any falsification and/or tampering and/or other, not even the Colorado Center CCAR or others, which I believe and trust to be Research Centers and Universities of the utmost honesty, seriousness and professionalism. And to which I am very grateful for the cooperation. Note that in Italian, "taroccare" means "play the tarot" or "be angry or grumbling. " I just merely observed that the maps that have been published about the SSH and velocity data of the same day
    (June 12 2010) were different and that I'm now using data of the Naval Research Center and NOAA. And that's all. I context therefore fully the statements and declarations that I have been involuntarily assigned and from which I totally disagree.

    Gianluigi Zangari

    But the questions remain, why did the maps change and why does the Naval Research Center link not respond.

    Also noted is that Zangari claims to be using the Naval Research Center as a source, yet that source seems to now be dead.

  11. Something is up with the loop current... and they are hiding it... just like they are hiding the oil. It's as though they know that thousands and thousands of people dying from the toxins and millions dying from famine in an ice age are things that would piss us off.

  12. From this article it appears that the pinching off of a section of the current is a natural phenomenon of its normal variations.

    Occasionally this loop will reach as high as the Mississippi river delta or the Florida continental shelf (Wiseman and Dinnel, 1988; Molinari and Mayer, 1982; Huh et al., 1981; Vukovich et al., 1979). It was this large loop phase of the current from which Nowlin and McClellan (1967) derived the name Loop Current. The Loop Current returns to its direct configuration by slowly pinching off its extension to form a large, warm-core ring that then propagates westward at speeds of 2-5 km day-1 (Coats, 1992; Elliott, 1982; Shay et al., 1998).

    So why hide it?

  13. Well, now, see? The last images of the loop current I could find going straight in, showed the loop current going completely kittiwompus and then inexplicably ceased to update. THEN I found another route to the info and got that same SPEEDY gif of it appearing fairly normal. It looks to me as though they are in the process of replacing real information with fantasy, but OF COURSE WE CANNOT TELL because they LIE to us at will AND they disappear anything that looks bad... so suspecting them of then replacing it with something that looks better is NOT exactly paranoid anymore, now IS it?

    Unless we get a team of good guys together to report on this, who have ACCESS TO REAL INFORMATION, we just have to sit back an WAIT to see if an ice age descends upon us.

    With all the greenhouse gasses from the blowout and from all these fires and all these WARS, there is outright NO hope of putting the breaks on catastrophic climate change.

    I think sometimes they did this on purpose. To obviate the hurricane-enhancing calving of a westward floating ring of much-too-warm water in the gulf, and maybe to get an ice age to depopulate the planet, and let it try to regain its balance. They have NOT been the least interested in doing the prudent things, not for the last 50 years we've been screaming about it. Birth control and clean technology would have been completely efficacious, but no.


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