04 August 2010

yeah, right, suuuuure....

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You know damn well the Commander in Chief could have done this himself on 20 January 2009. Instead he ordered up a shitload more drones from the war profiteers. And you'll pardon me if I feel like telling you this is a load of crap, because it's nearing election time and they will try to act like perfectly shiny murderating fucks until the polls close. Then the slaughter will double or triple or worse. We know this drill. The same people who have been running it straight along are still running it and the whole playbook is blinking neon in our eyes.


Same deal. Pure PR, not a lick of truth to it. Detainees are STILL being tortured, and it seems only Fudd, damn his unspeakably despicable hide, is the ONLY one honest enough to just brag about it... which... Jesus... is, IN FACT, an improvement over lying about it and covering it up... cold no-kind-of-comfort as that is.


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