12 September 2010

angry lemmings vs. true humans

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It still appalls me how well the Republican-Fascists', and Christofascists', list serves work, and not even in comparison to the abysmal failures of them among the Democratic-Fascists, and, say, Health Nazis. From skimming things, I can tell some people otherwise pretty clearly of a liberal cast of mind have disparaged the idea of Islamic worship near Ground Zero, but it's offhand, glib, has almost seemed to be pure pandering to mention it at all. Liberals like to brag about our relatively better level of education, but it is almost exclusively put in the service of glib responses and accusatory rhetoric that isn't even that often original — and CERTAINLY never comes in the form of action. Too strenuous. Too dangerous. The best you can hope for from them is a wussy little circus, street theater, and we're not even getting much of that anymore, not that it's any more effective than staying home. I mean, what chutzpah to gripe about the spineless party when you yourself are that spineless, at least.

I worry that the only hope of besting the global elite lies with infuriated bubbas.

I'm sorry to hear Jesse keeping within the language of a good Democrat, here, but what he says is sensible and should be heard. We don't do this shit. Never mind that many who wave flags are doing it. We don't do this shit.

love, 99

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