20 September 2010

barfing blood from the blowout

[click image, mp3, and those little bright specks in and around the oil on the satellite image are ships burning off methane]


Rashes, very, very sick, entire communities in Louisiana "vomiting blood, passing blood when they go to the bathroom"... at 14:17 on the mp3... plus all kinds of other UGLY toxicity problems to report. [Dahr interview is in the first hour and you can skip over the commercials... so it won't take the whole two hours.]

This is DAHR JAMAIL talking... not some flake whose word is impeachable... DAHR JAMAIL. NOT a mother-fuckin' liar, not even given to exaggeration. Yank Obama out of the White House. Don't bother to whine for impeachment.


You're going to notice that the latest article for PUKE-OUT dot org they mention in this interview says bubkes about people puking blood, not even nearly the level of trouble coming out his mouth in this interview. This would not be because Dahr was loath to tell us about it on that website. Nope. You might say, "Well, this was an interview and so that information doesn't fit here." There's plenty of editorializing where it could have been mentioned. OR it could have come in another piece, or a preface to the interview, or a postscript. You KNOW why it isn't mentioned in his piece. So, they are NOT about getting the truth out to people who need it. They ARE about getting the truth watered down so as not to piss off the big boys too much.

Oh, don't be alarmist about it! Don't sensationalize. We'll seem like those nut job conspiracy theorists. No, no, just stick to the dull facts, sound even-tempered, don't frighten anyone. We are mentally-stable yuppies, not foaming lunatics who can't spell.

Filthy whores.

"Calling it fascism is spot on."

Fascism is outright no goddam fun at all.


Not even sand castles....

love, 99

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