26 September 2010


[click image, video, and here's Part Two, 80 minutes total]


Totally appropriate viewing for us with fucked up sleep patterns... eh? And, odd, Sam just mentioned a book of the same title, way on down the page.... Maybe it's Kramer's synchronicity thing happenin'... my doctorate.

For certain, Ruppert needs to pay attention to some alternative physicists. He's in a lead box.

This all comes by way of getting the head space to listen to a podcast Mr. North linked, and I think Ruppert is a pretty cool guy, but awfully neurotic... but... well... with his upbringing and his life experience, most people would be paralyzed by paranoia. So I'm spending my insomnia on him this morning, and I hope I'm up to die of a heart attack if my mother's horse wins again this afternoon.

Luckily I can watch the replay whenever I want. I don't know if I want. You know my heart is always in my throat about broken legs and our jockey just snapped his spine in half in a race on another horse a couple weeks ago, so... I... well... maybe I should not be putting myself in front of so much catastrophe right now....

love, 99


  1. Rupperts' book Confronting Collapse was actually called Collapse initially, but his publisher at the time wanted some things edited in the book. Mike refused to do so and lost the rights to the name.

    His third podcast is starting in a few minutes, wasn't too impressed with the second one. Gonna give this one a listen before I write it off.

  2. Guess I screwed up the link...

    Confronting Collapse

    Not very methodical of me :p

  3. PULL yourself together!


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