25 September 2010

disregarding for the moment that our problem is the reverse

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And impervious to caffeine or even crystal meth, 5-HTP, melatonin and plenty of B vitamins can help you sleep... unless yer me... with an honestly and epically fucked up sleeping pattern. Some people—I'm supposing they are that psychotic thing known as "normal"—benefit from cutting back on or eliminating caffeine, and taking the supplements. There are herbal aids galore and some of them even work.

That's the crappiest bit about this mass somnolence. It's fucking STRESSFUL. Eats up every B molecule and serotonin molecule in yer body before lunch. People whose nerves are shot, while functionally sound asleep, can't get enough or the right kind of sleep. It's illegal for supplement people to tell you this.

Hell, for all I know it's illegal for ME to tell you this. However, I can assure you that any petitions or demonstrations or calls and letters you care to make about the linked lethal legal problem will be as effective as dreaming you're doing them.

Though, I was sure by now it would have caused mass insurrection.

love, 99


  1. Fortunately, you seldom have to synch your hours with the outside world's. It's only insomnia if you're trying to go to sleep and can't. :)

  2. Well, right, but MOST of the time I really AM trying to go to sleep and can't. Usually, once you get me asleep, I damn well stay that way unless someone out of my sync calls me and tells me South America just broke off and shifted to Australia. I find since dropping all that weight that snuck onto me while feeling so low helps me not have to sleep for the full twelve hours anymore, but it's still ridiculous. The sleep doctor would still be made apoplectic over my readout.

    I tellz yiz. I AM WIERD. Why, the fuck, won't that nitwit at the clinic grok that I'm not trying to be entertaining? Fuck!

    I'm gonna have to drive another hunnert thousand miles to get this licked... GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! Lucky for me it's better for me if I don't eat... allowing me to pay for gas to get to a REAL doctor... but it's unpleasant as hell and shouldn't be necessary. Did I already swear?

  3. Humans tend to sleep about one third of the time. I had a friend who used to sleep 2-6 am and 2-6 pm. For her, 8 hours on, 4 off was natural. For most people, 16 on 8 off is normal. Maybe for you 24 on and 12 off is the way you're wired.

  4. Well, it USED to move all over the map. In recent years I seem to have settled at about 20 up and 11 down... if I don't get at least ten hours sleep each "night" for a couple two or three days running, naps take me, where I fall into a Niagara Falls of dreaming instantaneously. Sleep doctor says my body wants to be asleep when everyone else is awake. I could have told her that much. I only get 50% sleep efficiency... probably better now that my neck isn't as plump... which is why I'm not still doing the 12/12 thing.

    I am truly very suspicious that almost ALL of it is related to the thyroid and parathyroid thing... probably autoimmune... and I need a fucking specialist to TELL me the best way to COPE. My eye wants to do the inflammation thing more and more often, and worse BLINDNESS is SO not okay in my situation. It frickin' explains why I bloat up like a balloon if I think about salt... it COULD be that my irises have just joined with my skin in the inflammation shit from the thyroid.


    Who do I kill?


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