24 September 2010

good reason not to wait for youtube to have just colbert's testimony

[click image, video, two hours]


I love Stephen Colbert, as you well know, even as I hate his tv show, AND Jon Stewart's. Somehow, with my PhDs in US Politics, Government, Banking and World Affairs, and nearing that doctorate in Out There, those shows, while still VASTLY more informative and important than any other news or news analysis shows, just don't cut it for me anymore. Jon is a hero for making the rounds to upbraid pundits and anchors, but Stephen is GOD for his transcendentally decent and patriotic and TRUE performance at the 2006 Correspondents' Dinner... and now he is a hero for taking this on.

While getting my sundry doctorates in The Problem I astounded many by the hours devoted each day to taking in every word of committee hearings on C-SPAN. So. When I'd had enough, the trips back to that site have been rare. Today, I decided to endure it again to catch every nuance of Stephen's—in character—testimony at the House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Immigration and Farm Labor. The virtue of this is to see firsthand how far the legislature has devolved since the already apocalyptically horrifying they were before, and, of course, to take in the heroism of probably our most heroic living American.

What, would you suppose, would be John Conyers' reason for asking him to just submit his written statement and leave the hearing altogether? Theater? Fear of loss of more dignity? [Too late.] Wanting his morning nap?

love, 99

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