28 September 2010

the hive mind is lethal

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Business Insider has ripped down the piece, but directed us to the author's blog, where it remains.


You can tell the American public pretty much thinks what the media tell it to think, but those of you who made some kind of a breakthrough on the internet, discovering that all is not as the media has been hyping all this time, are still being nuked with it. The intertubes are now part of the corporate mainstream media. Yes you can still find dissent. Yes you can still find bloggers who can get out of the box and leave evidence of independent thought, as in this piece, but you will, if you are a liberal, have a tendency to view Paul Krugman as "one of us", as someone with a good heart and wants the little guy to come out okay. You would be disposed to mistrust anyone who bashes him on the grounds they may be warmongering right wingnuts, and miss that Krugman himself may be warmongering.

I keep being silly. I keep putting links to people who are notorious nutters on my blog. I keep insisting you should do the thought experiment of listening to them without judging, just listening, suspending opining until after you've heard them, done a moment's meditation on how they were NOT as nutty as presupposed, even with their out there ideas. You listen to them and you see how they might in good faith have come to those conclusions, nutty or not. You learn not to take that amorphous word of groupthink on this stuff. You learn not to automatically place people like Krugman in the set of all okay people. There is a method to my madness.

Yesterday, someone linked something at LaRouche's site and it reminded me of meeting an avid follower of Lyndon LaRouche many, many years ago. He was all defensive about it immediately, and in point of fact I did have a very negative view of LaRouche... except, as I was realizing this, I also realized I had not the faintest idea WHY my view was so negative. I did not know Thing One about Lyndon LaRouche. I had to think about it. HOW did I get that strongly negative view of someone about whose work I had not the first part of a clue? I figured it out. And it has formed part of the reason I give you nutters on whom to practice opening yer mind.

Why do I know they are bent on WWIII, that they will be pulling off another false flag to get it going? The hive mind is full of it already, even as hardly anyone in it realizes it.

love, 99


  1. He's in the hunt but don't fall in love with him.

  2. I'll have to try the link later...

    It opened with a banner for Meg [I want to buy the governorship] Whitman - ack, ack barf wretch!

  3. You can now go straight to Lira's blog to read the piece. Business Insider nixed it... ergo no governorship buyers to worry about.


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