17 September 2010

it shouldn't bother me that i have so much in common with david icke

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I don't like the ridicule from prigs for it. I don't believe everything Icke believes, but I adore what he's doing with his notoriety. Bodhisattva. I like that he's concentrating plenty of energy on injun civilization, which was vastly more evolved than ours. Ours doesn't even merit being called "civilization" anymore. This cannot be stressed often enough or hard enough.

Now that my contacts are back in, and notwithstanding all the puffiness from eating frankenfood and crying, I can see well enough again to go back to catching up on my magazines. I will not be renewing my subscriptions to any of them. I read a story about a completely unconstitutional murder trial last night. It was very well done, an excellent piece, and I might even be able to look at it as though the author had been trying to wake us up had it not been for her involvement in trying to get one of the prosecution witnesses' testimony impeached with a tape of him "admitting" that he's a truther, and knows about our illegal monetary system and other matters of FACT contrasting with consensus. I have lost even The New Yorker and can no way afford to subscribe to Granta so my magazines in bed thing will be drawing to a close.

I can't be trying to keep them alive if they will this blatantly hop on the war-is-peace wagon.

It's going fast now. As the hospice nurse would say, "Your country is now in the actively dying phase."

And, believe it or not, much as I holler for you to wake up and to stand up and to do something, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, I have not scrupled to be so insulting-but-honest as to tell you to grow up, but that has been precisely the problem all along. As far as I've gone is to remind you of our adulthood. Waking up means growing up so people prefer to sleep. Like frightened little children, people prefer fantasy to reality, and choose the one over the other, the vital other, every time. Well, it's time to join Icke in this call to your adulthood.


That fucking sellout in The New Yorker wrote a little masterpiece of propaganda to convince you that fascism is democracy and the truth is evidence of mental infirmity... and they published it. Pft. Over. Doesn't matter how well-written the lies of murderating fucks ever gets. It won't ever make their lies true. It won't ever save sentient beings. It will kill us all.

love, 99


  1. It might be to late and might be time to help other that are prepared for the not so nice future. This comes from a friend that I sent the other story to, he and I have been watching this for along time and it has sped up.

  2. Never too late to grow up. Probably too late for the completely unprepared, though, as you say. Some of us have no MEANS to prepare, even if we have been inclined to, so it's a damn good thing there are people like you out there or way too few could survive.


  3. There are life boats out there

    Sad that Ruppert decided to go the subscription route (10 bucks a month) but you can still wade through his old blog for pertinent links dealing with the inevitable collapse. At the same time It's great to see that hes' started up with PNR for an hour a week.

  4. Well, it looks as though we can still download it for free???

    Thanks for the links, Mister North. Not as good as my barn loft and tub but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  5. I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it :)

    ...poke in the eye with a sharp stick. My gawd! haven't heard that in sooo long lol. A Canadian response... or a kick in the ass with a frozen mukluk :p

  6. Oh, now, see? I never let my mukluks get frozen! So how would I know?

  7. Did I ever tell you about the time my mukluks got fro...

    Oh never mind, you'll just get upset again...

  8. LOL... Yes! Fucking don't tell me! It's a MIRACLE you've lived this long!

    WHAT a klutz. OMG

    You may be father-of-the-year, but NOT because yer graceful... THAT'S FOR CERTAIN!


  9. Well, it looks as though we can still download it for free???

    The weekly show on PNR seems to be free, but collapse.net requires a subscription, which, if it's anything like his old blog may be a blessing in disguise.

    There was a quite a bit of scrolling past the dribble from the usual suspects that thought they knew the best way to live life in the coming years and I suspect some of them have made the transition to the subscriber site.

    I'll listen in to the shows in the next few weeks and see if Mike has indeed grown out of the funk he slipped into for a few years prior to this. There is actually quite a good derisive, albeit constructive comment on that debut show I linked. Cuts him down pretty good, but the commenter makes some valid points in regards to his ego.

  10. Hey, my junior year of high school I went from being below average height to the tallest kid in the school. New pants and shirts every two months to keep up.

    Life ain't been the same ever since!

  11. At one time, “civilization” and “civilized” (from the Latin) meant only citizens living in cities.

    Since then, the definition has changed to mean: characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint.

    People living in cities came up with that.

  12. Jesus. I've been out in the agora with my mother and fuckin' A right they came up with that! Nobody ELSE could have.

    In case nobody knows, BB2 is, like, well, like twelve feet tall. REALLY hard to miss in a crowd.

    And, yes, Ruppert has/had all kine good stuff, but the personal angle got in there in a pretty big way and so I think maybe he did a self-marginalization whilst trying so hard NOT to be marginalized, or worse, by others.

    Dennis Kucinich is about the only happy self-marginalizer out there who comes to mind.

    I have to wait for the blaring TV to shut up before I can check out his latest stuff with anything like concentration. Concentration is kind of difficult just now anyway. GRIEVING is difficult in this place. Between all the well-meaning busybodies and my mother's cold style of dealing with things... I'm spending most of my time wondering again what in the hell I'm doing on this planet.

  13. I haven't found many blogs with good comments. I found ONE with almost 100% EXCELLENT commenters about two weeks before the guy announced he was sick of blogging and going out to get a life and a paycheck. So I rarely bother to read the comments threads. I'm sure the years having to read all that twaddle yonder did not help my attitude, but I usually find comments threads NOT worth the eyeprints and don't even bother.


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