26 September 2010

my teeth just fell out all over the floor

[click image]


I was ready with my barf bag for THIS, but the other, jaded as I must seem, not so much.

love, 99


  1. Slightly OT but....

    I just couldn't resist

    Sumthin' is tellin' me they're not gonna be able to keep it up much longer!

  2. Mister North, let us hope you are right. I, in fact, after Ahmadinejad's good work almost revised my position that it's never gonna happen, but, well, I think it's never gonna happen... however, where I thought there was exactly NO hope before, I think there's a slim chance that it could constitute the means for the world population to get up for a real rebellion. It will take more than this, much more. I read earlier that Wikileaks says they have a copy of the burned book.

    OUD, well it's about time PCR got with the program about the police state! ;o)

  3. It will take more than this, much more.

    If the proverbial camels' back breaks on this, they're gonna blow something up. You know it!

    I just got that feelin' that, when they do, you just might see that real rebellion. It may be ugly, but, as far as I'm concerned, bring it!

  4. I gotta say, I don't think there's any other way. Much as I'd love to believe it will be the masses suddenly breaking out of their mental chains, simply mooting all the filth from these filthy fuckers in one surge of true humanity, it is definitely time to "bring it"... definitely.

    There is that "dirty dozen" foreign billionaires breaking the banksters' fractional gold swindle and THAT will leave more people rabid for revenge. Maybe between all the factions so close to a boil, and that one last gaping and eternally unforgivable act of evil, it will happen.

    They are telegraphing another false flag, the suitcase nuke or dirty bomb... so... well... yes... "bring it". Though we should be under NO illusions about it getting better once we've crushed these ones. THAT would take work and brains and heart I don't see in much abundance.... But maybe we will have learned about revolutions well enough, at least, by now, not to be fucked over again as easily as history says will happen.

    Far better to kill the killers than each other. Far, far better.


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