27 September 2010

the poisonous abyss

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It's everywhere. All that convenience food is making you seriously ill, and fat, and incapable of mustering enough energy to give enough of a damn about anything to change it. The lethal venom comes into your ears and eyes via the media, and from all those within earshot who are parroting it. The grocery aisles are packed to the rafters with food-flavored plastic the average not completely destitute person can afford and the produce section is mounded with vestigial nutrients at great cost. The meat counter? Give me a break. You buy factory farmed packets of hormones and antibiotics just to jog the cellular memory of protein, or if yer "clever" and chic, you only buy fish, all of which—fresh-water or seafood—already came replete with mercury and other dread toxins... all of which has been certified by the FDA as safe to eat. Well now there is a whole ocean full of plainly lethally poisonous seafood the government also certifies as safe to eat.

Are you going to get the idea the government doesn't give a shit about you any time soon? The SOURCE of all of these threats to life and health and spirit are everywhere around you, so hard to escape, and they ALL are here because your government says so. It's paid handsomely to say so. As long as you are paid handsomely it is possible to navigate the lethal toxins coming from every direction to fortify yourself somewhat against them. Otherwise, if you have $5 and two days left to payday you fucking well buy the food-flavored plastic to give you enough respite from the anguish of your stomach to worry about how long your job will last and what's going to happen when the crash comes.

The people of the Gulf Coast are not going to have to live with this much longer.

They're going to be dead soon... or crawling, sick, to the north.

Ah, life IS too short. Long John Silver's wouldn't sell you anything with benzene molecules in it. That frozen shrimp on sale is from Alaska for sure, right? See? It says right here on the label the distributor is in Anchorage.

You going to fall for that?

love, 99


  1. It says right here on the label the distributor is in Anchorage.

    There you have it!

  2. I did NOT just fall off the turnip truck! OMG I scrambled back onto that sucker a thousand times, only to be bounced right back out on my butt, but that was decades ago. I have it down pat now. Think they may be fucking with you? 99 is your woman.


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