20 September 2010

that's a looooong time

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So look at it as a good thing they're dropping like flies on the Gulf Coast. Quicker end to their misery.

love, 99


  1. But don't you know?

    The recession is long over!

  2. Creeps me out you can read that propaganda at Raw Story. A minimum of TWO in ten are jobless. Another three in ten are so under-employed they can't make ends meet, and yet another three in ten are paycheck-to-paycheck, two of whom are ready to stroke out from stress and the other feeling a distinct unease. Approximately three million Americans are still comfortable and maybe three hundred thousand of them have 90% of the money meant to be circulating between all three hundred MILLION of us.

    We'll be starving and naked hordes draped over burnt tree stumps outside the moats of their heavily fortified castles in a VERY few years.

    Stupid fucks are gonna Hatfield and McCoy each other all the way into abjection they only ever saw in movies.

  3. Creeps me out you can read that propaganda at Raw Story.

    I guess I need to make my sarcasm more pronounced!

    Everything in your first paragraph is what made me say WTF? when I saw the headline in the newspaper this morning.

    Come on sheeple, lap it up.

    The stock market soared today based on the huge lie!

  4. Which is WHY they did it. Perception, baby, perception. The ENTIRE world economy is based on PERCEPTION alone. They're doing the keep on lying until we've heard it so long it becomes the truth gig. We're beyond the beyond BANKRUPT. The dollar is worth bubkes. It only remains for everyone to REALIZE it. People with money, with IRAs and investments, LOVE IT, but it ONLY hurts everyone else all the more when they do this shit. Best case scenario: It only prolongs our agony. But we do not HAVE a best case scenario. People are DYING out there and they're hungry and they have no roofs over their heads. The cops keep arresting them and running them out of any little community they try to form.


    We have ALWAYS been against fascism above any other thing. Yet THIS is fascism and they call it EVERY other thing to avoid disturbing our slumber.

  5. Yup...

    There used to be a time when news papers actually reported, when they strove to uncover government maleficence and spoke for the common man.

    Now they merely parrot the lies of the corporate owned government.

    It's everything they taught us in the 50's as being bad pertaining to the Soviet Union.

  6. WTF...

    So I go to YouTube to see what they think I want to watch today and I find this at the top of the page:

    Earn Money From Your Video
    Apply for partnership to take advantage of your popular video: Louis Farrakhan Speaks at Rosa Parks'...

    Sign up now! Maybe later I am not interested

    Holy Cow! I've gone viral! Over 17,000 views! An I'm in several peoples play lists too!

  7. Yes, well, that one's a dead letter. Been there, done that, the t-shirt has disintegrated. We have to go face-to-face, person-to-person, because EVERY other avenue has LONG been blocked off. We've tried them all, EXCEPT massive noncompliance and spiritual uplift and brains outta their chains and outta their fucking boxes. So, THAT is where we go if we give a shit. If we don't give a shit we should die RIGHT NOW so as not to impede the rest of life another iota.

  8. I saw that while trying to find the link for one of your playlists. You don't fucking have your channel set up so people can GET that. They have to stumble upon it in the general confusion. You'd probably be EVEN more famous if you put yer channel together. It's easy.

    And, well, you have to give old Farrakhan at least some of the credit and a little to ME for turning you on to it! I went batshit crazy for it, and I was one of the only people who endured the politicking at that funeral to get to the good part... six times over... he was TRANSCENDENTAL!

    I haven't been that stoked by any oration in decades. Maybe in my life!

    It was GORGEOUS! And perfectly fundamentally TRUE.

    I love the guy to bits.

  9. Sharpton seriously didn't suck there either. That was a good night for some of our most brilliant brothers. Every pig in politics preceded them on the stage. So it was triply good for releasing our seething wrath over LIARS using Rosa's casket for their soap box.

  10. You don't fucking have your channel set up so people can GET that.

    I'll have to get back to you on that - I've never given it much thought - may need your help.

  11. No prob. I can totally help. Or you can just give me yer password and I'll set it up for you. Something in my sidebar had to go bye-bye and I thought it was something you had, but couldn't check because there was no way to get to your uploads. Or playlists... if any.

  12. Only a couple of uploads - maybe only the Farrakhan ones - lots of playlists.

    I'll hook up later...


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