04 October 2010

progressive democratic-fasists of america

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Drooping pansies amid creeping snapdragons.

Utterly reprehensible excuses for leadership earning their paychecks by blathering terrified liberals to the voting booth.

Better than running a McDonald's for minimum wage, or waiting in line for a job at Starbucks, or getting chipped to work at Wal-Mart, or joining the military to maybe keep alive... but not as honorable as the most dishonorable of these.

Things continue downhill because politicians do politics. Politicians don't give a fuck about policy, don't know quantitative easing from a bread line, don't see ANYTHING in terms of right and wrong, but only in terms of how it spins. Beside all the other egregious insults to our nation, people squabble relentlessly over what utterly unqualified narcissist whore to elect, and THESE people make a living at herding yer battered brian cells toward one or another utterly unqualified narcissist spinning whore. It all adds up to bubkes, except for these twits' paychecks, but you can't SEE that if you cannot float up out of the fray to get a bead on it... and you can't... can you?


And, you know, I linked something last night in counterpoint to my hero's dismissal of the term new world order that you might not have caught. Or you might have started to listen but lost interest in its slow and somewhat aggravating start, but if you hung in, I think you might agree it was damn well worth the investment of time.

I was just waving in the cosmic breezes over the notion that "normal" people need to be TAUGHT how to think critically. That seems absurd to me on its face, but then I look at the face of the masses of "normal" people and wonder if this might not in fact be the crux of the matter. It means the controllers have been spot on in their assessment of us, and there is no chance of beating them until the masses are so abused that even in their oafishness they just and only want to kill. It may be a sort of inculcated false "human nature" we've been suffering for centuries, millennia, this ceaseless warring and suffering the onslaughts of plutocratic profit-taking... a feature of the Iron Law of Oligarchy it seems clear not so many contemplate... but only don't because critical thinking doesn't come naturally to them, that the best they can do to keep a front in this arena is to have an opinion and fiercely defend it with whatever amount of sophistry comes to hand... spinning for the masses.

I think having to face this information and what it does to my world view has made me cranky again.

love, 99


  1. "but only don't because critical thinking doesn't come naturally to them, that the best they can do to keep a front in this arena is to have an opinion and fiercely defend it with whatever amount of sophistry comes to hand... spinning for the masses."

    This has been the end of more friendships in the past 2 years than I care to count, it has also ended 2 jobs although one of those employers is history now, and the other one soon will be. The last thing my "best friend" got me to do was to vote for Obummer. I knew better, I already sold the house. We don't talk anymore, he got engaged, I say primates don't mate for life, geese do and they aren't monogomous. Most folks continue down that same ol' path. I refuse. What do we do?

  2. Transcend. No other way to be good for ourselves or anyone else.

  3. I do not regret my vote for Genghis Yoo. I thought he was the only one where there was a chance, and told myself his facing all the crowds when there would be people out to assassinate him was about 50/50, courage or hubris. Turns out it was the latter. Could be there was a coup, that he's doing it because they'll do another 9/11 on a whole city, and all these fucks are trying to save our lives, but... well... they are not. I mean, I always try to think what "good" reason they might have for it, keep remembering all that blather about history gonna vindicate Dubya, keep hearing Tarpley telling Malloy about a coup on 9/11 and wondering if that isn't the only explanation that really explains all this horrifying shit... even if not even that excuses it. So don't let yourself regret having tried to do your best.

    There are unknown unknowns, and even if it's just as bad as if we'd gotten McCain, he was the only one we didn't know for certain would do this. Voting, I feel, is something we should not cede to them, but it is now crystal clear that no matter who we vote for, this is what we get, so we should all be voting for JFK from now on, all of us write in "John F. Kennedy" until we break them, and rise up, no matter how many cities they vaporize, or how many stormtroopers they send.

    I mean there is a saying about no matter how bad you think they are, they are always way worse than you imagine. Critical thinking can only get one so far before clairvoyance is the only way. So don't beat yerself up for doing the best you could.

  4. Oh, oh, yes, and it IS hell on friendships.

    Hurts like holy hell.


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