01 October 2010

we used to be crazy for this speech

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I saw it used everywhere against the effrontery of Dubya's presidency. I thought people meant it, but it turns out that a stupefying majority of them were and still are more than just debt slaves, their minds are enslaved by politics. At least yer basic apolitical laborer is actually freer and stronger than battalion after battalion of the soldiers of the illiberal elite. Now it's only those stumping for spiritual awakening who yet uphold this speech. Jackasses braying in their harnesses the language of division from one end of Upper and Outer Liberal Blogistan to the other, fountains of sophistry in response to any suggestion that their very readiness to deride political opponents keeps humanity from rising.

LOOK at the unspeakable stuff being done with the product of generations of our labor... to innocent people across the globe, including here. It is in no way better that we be spared as they are slaughtered and oppressed, but It seems the more psychedelic that as it is irrefutably happening here, citizens yet place all their efforts into the very thing that insures this can never be overturned.

It is so filthy to me I can barely speak it anywhere, and often not even here. I used to be someone who added real content to a lot of blogs, raised the conversation just by virtue of my sincerity and dedication. I stopped wasting my time. I seek other ways to manifest positively, constantly battling to keep energy for it against tsunamis of unspeakable disappointment in my fellow humans. There is a need to indulge in a measure of pity to keep from solidifying into nihilism, a need to concentrate on all the intensely beautiful things done by people with whom I have so little in common and despite their apparent ill will toward man. The very people who scream to let the dead weight fuck off and die if it means one more penny of taxation take in people who have lost their homes. The very people who scream the filthiest invective against their fellows for not trusting government to provide for the common welfare do the most to insure it never will. How can this but fill me with pity? Millions, billions so hypnotized, conditioned so thoroughly they CANNOT see their own hypocrisy, spend most waking moments ruining their own lives for the controllers who do not exist but for the ruination of everyone else.

love, 99


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