05 November 2010

better than beesabohl, no matter how berry berry goot

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I think I am going to have to get my ass to some bar with a big screen tv and demand they tune it to ESPN2 so I can SEE this. I'm gonna hafta take a chill pill. My nerves are shot already. My stress score is COMPLETELY off the charts and I have been a wreck in front of every race since Eight Belles got put down, but I can't stand the thought of missing what might be about THE most momentous moment in thoroughbred racing history... especially since Zenyatta's trainer started out as an assistant trainer for one of our very first race horses. I'd love to give you the particulars. It's a GREAT story, but that would identify my mother and she'd die of embarrassment if you connected her with me, and there wouldn't be any way around it to tell that story the right way.

It was a horse I named. He went off the favorite EVERY race because his name made EVERYONE very happy. He lost every race by a nose because EVERYONE in the stands would be screaming his name, and EVERY goddam time he would turn his head to look up in the stands... no, no, worse than that... he'd crane his neck to look up at the stands at his adoring public... and another horse would just manage to poke his nose across the finish line right where our horse's head was already SUPPOSED to be.


love, 99

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