06 November 2010

i couldn't face it

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It was due to start raining for real. I needed to go to the store, needed to get compost for my casks full of bothersome roses. Beside getting the snot beat out of them in the late hail storms earlier this year, they are getting all full of rust and acting wan and disinterested again. Compost always fixes everything that ails them. I don't like roses. I like pictures of them, and the kind that creep up and grow on your roof are pretty damn cool, but they have thorns and they are fussy as hell. But mostly I just couldn't stand the pressure of my romantic ideals bumping up against real life today.

love, 99


  1. There was a clip in the pre race montage where Shirreff was sitting on a bale of straw with Zenyatta standing behind him. She walked over and plucked his hat off of his head and looked at him as if to say...

    "I got your hat, whats ya gonna do about it" :p

    Immediately after the race I felt sorry for her, then instantly realized, she doesn't know she lost and couldn't give a shit either way. All she cares about is she got to dance her little dance in her mini skirt in front of her adoring fans.

  2. That's always my favorite part of big race coverage.

    I'm kinda floored her jockey let her get bogged down in the pack before going to the outside. He must have been too nervous. She clearly could have won that race, going away, but for that.

    She deserves those adoring fans. She's a total star. It's almost a shame for a horse who has such a good time to have to go be a broodmare now. Kind of a letdown for her.

    I don't exactly disagree that we shouldn't be risking animals' health with this stuff, or traumatizing them with it, but having grown up with horses I know that many of them are really into it. Many of them are acutely in tune with your emotional pitch or the energies of the environment and get into it. Even the dullest old plug will perk up and prance in a parade. Very often the horse loves the activity more than its rider does.

    However, she knows she didn't win. If she was unclear about it, skipping the trip to the winner's circle bummed her out. It wasn't a case where a horse that just hates to get passed keeps winning until someone manages to pass him/her. Very many horses stop running after they get passed. This doesn't hold with Zenyatta, since she always hangs way back and then blasts past the field, and this one was only a head... maybe even more like a nose. Moot, now, because she's done, but, damn, I'm glad I got cold feet, did practical things instead and waited to find out how it ended before I watched. Just too much stress lately.


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