11 November 2010

i have no wish to come off as paranoid but

[click image]


“They’re not unheard of,” Stroz said, “but not very common.”
Yes. We HEAR of them happening in the GULF. Sheesh.

Okay? Before you default to shrugging about the global weirding, be advised that there is a whole zone of the ocean due West of us, continuing on up most of the Oregon coast, reserved for war games.


This is almost as out there as the mystery missile... and, in case you really need it pointed out, there is absolutely NO way a launch of anything in or near the United States could be a "mystery" this long.

love, 99


  1. I don't think it was a waterspout. More likely a microburst.
    Here's a cool looking one.

  2. Well, somebody looking through binoculars said they could see it spinning, so I don't know if microbursts do that, but even so, this is outlandish.

    There was supposedly a tornado down in Livermore about fifteen years ago, and I thought, OMG, how weird... but now, it having been Livermore, I am suspicious.

    Maybe I spend too much time on my doctorate in out there, but there are too many, NOT NUTSO, people talking about this torsion physics technology that can do all this stuff, and too many images of clouds in grid patterns, and earthquakes completely lacking the usual signatures of natural ones, for me to feel comfortable about this stuff anymore.

    WHAT if the legions of so-called maniac climate change deniers are right about the climate, but wrong about the motive, and we're just getting this blitz from the authorities to cover for all the shit they're doing with this fancy weapon?


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