12 November 2010

i just can't help thinking of all the 'conspiracy nuts' dissed to the moon

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By "progressives". All those years enduring the ceaseless cleverisms and softheadedness yonder and how badly NWO/Illuminati, anti-globalization, anti-one-world-government 'conspiracy nuts' were treated just keep ringing in my head. If yer still vexed by why I feel the leading lights of the PDA are so evil, why I felt my contribution yonder was evil, this is certainly part of it. If you wonder why I pitched such a snit fit about the 'left' reacting to the Tea Party so raunchily, this is certainly part of it. I hope you bothered to listen to the Glenn Greenwald audios I linked below because he seems finally to be getting to the crux of it, that all of us have much more in common than we have differences and yet we continue to fight, going with our tribal instincts, treating all this exactly as if it were sports teams, each picking a team and rooting for it and booing the opposition. I have seen that by far the WORST perpetuators of this genocidal game have been the progressives. I was PLEASED to hear Greenwald speak objectively and even positively about Tea Partiers. In PARTICULAR, the part about how toting all those guns to town hall meetings actually put the necessary fear in the government officials. He didn't stoop to any lethally-sissy blather about "Brown Shirts" or elitist swipes about their mental acumen. He really did a good job in those two discussions I linked, and it was heartening to hear.

Many of the people we have been deriding mercilessly for years have been right and have been righteous in their motives. One must lose the clouds of mental conditioning and tribal instinct or herd mentality to see it, and then one must have the courage to drop ANYONE, even people you adore, for continuing to play games when all our lives are at stake. If you can't do it, you are strengthening the sociopaths who are ripping out our throats.

love, 99


  1. Now, if you mean it, call the fools out to their Face. Tell 'em you don't like shit sandwiches. Tell 'em you don't like the Odor du jour.

    Repeat after me:

    You are a waste of time.

    People NEED TO HEAR IT.

  2. I let 'em all know, dude, usually in emails. "You drag a drunk out of the road, but you don't talk to him." Quoth my teacher, meaning when someone's going to get run over, you help prevent that, but you don't then waste your time trying to talk them out of drinking. I used to agonize over all the innocent people being duped by charlatans. Then it was pointed out to me that it was their karma, and, yep, THEY defend the charlatans. I have tested this out ENTIRELY too thoroughly. So the charlatans hear from me and I leave it up to them what to do about it. Never can tell, maybe the drunk I pulled out of the road gets the idea he should stop drinking. Entirely his own lookout. That is a HARD one to learn when you love living beings so much, but it's the way.

  3. emails...dude, seriously.

    "you are a waste of time"

    that's what it should say in comments sections around the world. write it 100 times.

    ps-how about heraldo going all WTF with building 7?

  4. I think they need the clue about WHY because mostly they don't realize it, or don't realize it's noticeable and they need it spelled out.

    I was just getting to the Rivera wtf thing when I got snagged by the two fer a dollar videos in town.....


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