11 November 2010

i'm trying to turn david degraw into jean-luc picard

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I am. I'm browbeating him. He gets regular missives from me toward this end.

Do not pity him. Pity yourselves if I do not succeed.

love, 99


  1. Now that comedians like Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have demonstrated the ability to rally thousands of Americans, don’t you think it’s time to have a serious rally to restore the rule of law and the Constitution?

    Trouble is, and I don't say this lightly, everyone loves a clown, not so many the truth.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how not one single tax payer has pressed charges against even one CEO of any bank for fraud.
    What, with Alan Greenspan as the star witness, it's a no brainer!!!

  2. I think you have to be a shareholder to have standing to sue them. The people ripped off with the subprime loans all signed contracts that [1] commit to binding arbitration, conducted by bankers; and [2] made it clear enough in the fine print to leave no patent cause of action. They only have the sales of their mortgages being done so sloppily to prevail in court once a foreclosure is attempted. The banks can't show the notes. Most people won't do that because they feel culpable for not paying, no matter how outrageous the interest turned on them.

    However, the shareholders are now pretty pissed about this and a couple of banks are facing suits from them.

    But, truly, the duty to prosecute these guys lies squarely with Eric Holder and he ain't lifting a finger. You can't sue the United States without its permission and we're not getting it to make them prosecute. Perhaps, a a qui tam suit can nail the fuckers, but those are very iffy. You have to give the government the chance to pick up the prosecution, and if they do and then drop it on some pretext, after years, you're back to square one.

    AND, we'd never hear about it.

  3. As for all the people who bought the bundled mortgages full of known stinkers, most of them knew it and sold them for big profits. It was a long game of musical chairs with trillions in profits for the sellers of the bundles. Other countries bought them, too, and they, some important ones of them, got paid off instanter... you may recall Bernanke refusing to say WHO got the money... that would be why. The $700+ billion turned into something like 15 trillion and nobody, but a few of us, noticed.

    Everyone in America should be protesting in the streets for that huge tax and the QE2 20% pay cut and hidden tax and, of course, the illegal wars, but the Tea Partiers, no matter who is funding them, are the only ones doing that, the only ones who stood up to make the government afraid to do and not do what they do and don't do.

    Progressive and Tea Party gripes are in fact nearly identical, no matter what they make it sound like, but, well, you KNOW what we've done with THAT.

    But no. Taking to the streets is too much work.

  4. I see your point, a large investment it pitchforks seems to be in order. Old rusty ones.

    Canvass the local farms, fill a truck and start handing them out.

    The pitchfork revolution, catchy?

    What better way to round up so much PORK!!!


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