23 November 2010

inclined to groupthink?

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You're going to be eaten.

love, 99


  1. Yep so true and could even think of 1 newspaper in Amerika that might print something like this.


    I sure hope the Irish learned something from Iceland, I know we haven't learned a thing like the story points out

  2. That is a great piece. We need couriers running around with it to people in the malls and on the streets. I'm flipping out about WHEN do people start getting face-to-face with this stuff? Is there ANYONE out there interacting with ANYONE ELSE in person anymore? What are the people in school or in churches doing? WTF? Where are the people tapping you on the shoulder to tell you about a meeting or a protest, inviting you? Where is the self-appointed committee coming up with the people to replace the government... as this author puts out? Nobody wants to take charge, actually DO something, because that makes them a target, like Martin, like John, like.... If the world has taught the people anything, it is don't DO anything about it or you die... except we all die from NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They could not threaten us if we wouldn't be threatened. We are many and they are few, and not anything puny like a hundred to one; it's more like hundreds of millions to one.

    Fucking jaw dropping.

  3. I'm afraid this what being done to us and the citizens don't mind. Sad

    Back to the BBQ

  4. Bottomless fountain of wrath.

  5. Ack - I goofed the html again - it's early - ya, that's my excuse!

  6. I caught a "Journalist" (sic) pumping out a drive-by radio bit on the TSA and how we all love them cause there was a poll (The cbs one not the reuters, or the new one) and bla bla bla You know that crap spiel, "if we let children and grannies pass, they's be used a human bombs next." This journalist (sic) was full of this kind of crap, and slamming us at 50KW in the Morning where Most will hear it, then Repeated 5-6 PM I forget the time exactly for maximum effect?

    When I contacted this "Journalist" (sic) the first thing was I was attacked for "being anonymous" . I shit you not, I was accused I didn't have the "GUTS" to use my "Real Name"

    I had to point out the SMTP RFC's 5321 and 5322, and that I simply popped off an email to complain and find where I could get the truth to counter the hit piece. If I was "anonymous" or not wasn't my issue or even thought. I'm thinking name@isp isn't very anonymous these days, as if you had a warrant you could Go to "My ISP" and inquire about my name@.

    This "Journalist" (sic) was more obsessed with finding out who I am and continuing to make "Journalistic" (sic) talking points all of which conveniently ignore vocabulary like "Kurt Haskill", Sharply Dressed Man, State Department, No Passport.

    Furthermore, every time I got a Reply back the Subject: field was changed from my Subject to what they wanted the subject to be.

    I did GLEAM part of what they REALLY THINK inside their giant corporate media dog and pony show. It came at the end suprisingly, after attacking me about a bunch of nonsense which has nothing to do with my Complaint.

    I am going to break it up some here so it can't be "Search Termed" by this monster.

    > W a n.t t-o p.u-t yo*ur co*m^plaint in t9he pub-lic fi-le? Be3 m!y gu-est. B.u/t I
    > do--ubt th/-e go+-v*ernment w-ill chal-+lenge (FOUR STATION CALL LETTERS HERE) f.o+r de+fe.nd-ing a go-vern-/1ment pro-*gram.

    > G-oo.d lu-*c.k....

    Yeah I hell of scrambled that up, and hid the Call letters. But NOW you KNOW what they think.

    This also confirms, I am not off the mark in my critique over the years about the "awol original fcc mission statement" and how the public spectrum is corporate owned, and not in the public interest, actually OPPOSITE of it.

    The worst day since yesterday.



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