26 November 2010

justin found

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Justin time.
Missing child found after 3 days
Written by Megan Hansen, The Triplicate | November 26, 2010 | 12:27 pm

A 12-year-old boy was found Friday at his mother’s house after disappearing from Crescent Elk Middle School on Tuesday, according to the Crescent City Police Department.

Justin Jessee went missing for three days after having a disagreement with his father, James Jessee, and a misunderstanding at school.

Crescent City Police Lt. Garrett Scott said Justin showed up at his mother’s house Friday morning.

“(The) mom called in and reported that he was safe and at her home,” Scott said.

Police are still investigating where Justin was between Tuesday and Friday.

Police Chief Doug Plack said Justin disappeared from school after being told by the principal that he was not supposed to be there because of a suspension.

He said Principal Bill Hartwick attempted to make contact with the boy’s father, but the phone number had changed.

According to Plack, Justin told his father he was suspended and not supposed to be at school.

“The dad thought he wasn’t being accurate with his statement,” Plack said.

James Jessee said he called the school around 8 a.m. Tuesday to verify whether his son was suspended or not.

“They said he wasn’t suspended,” Jessee said. “I said (to Justin) ‘you lied to me,’ and I was mad.”

After James Jessee dropped off his son at school, he said Principal Bill Hartwick called and said Justin was indeed suspended.

Jessee said he told the principal that school officials had said Justin wasn’t suspended and asked that Jan Moorehouse, Del Norte Unified School District superintendent, give him a call.

According to Jessee, Moorehouse did call and said Justin was in school and that they’d keep him in detention for the rest of the day. Jessee said she called back 10 minutes later, around 10 a.m., to say Justin wasn’t in school and never had been.

“I told them ‘you guys need to use your resources to find him, and I’ll use mine,’” Jessee said he told school officials.

Plack said the Police Department was informed about Justin’s disappearance around 6 p.m. Tuesday when the father attempted to pick up his son from school and discovered he wasn’t there.
Now everyone can party.

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  1. HaHa...no child left behind, in action.


  2. Without reading any article, I give it 50% chance child is baking in the scalding heat, in a car alone somewhere.

    Oops I lost the bet.


  3. I'm sure he just ran off to a friend's house and waited for the doltish adults to sort it out amongst themselves. This is what you get when you have the dumbed-down doing the dumbing-down... maybe even a good thing....

  4. Good news, had eMachine (Win 7 Home - green PC) intermittent mouse, keyboard, cpu and lines (both horizontal and vertical) after bios post in the boot sequence. Both safe mode and regular box was unusable from lock up's every couple secs.

    Replaced the power supply with a cooler master 650, Went to BIOS and told it to use default, and boom fixed. And it still has it's GREEN mode! I love that *****ng box, it had me scared though. Searching for help on google results in hit's like time bomb power supply which burns out components on the mainboard. ikes I dodged a bullet.

    I'm going to build a RAQCop next.
    It uses 24W of power SAVE $480 a year on my router/firewall elec bill. This will kick ass.
    I got a 500W running it now.. I can't wait to get it off that.

    Of course that leaves 750W for ea workstation. But with SLI nothing can be done there. You want crisp clean graphics cause your eyes sux you got to give more juice to the video gods.

    I wasn't even really thinking green (like the OMFG sickly BB) so much as save electricity bill. Still RAQCop rocks. It even looks sexy for some good ol American (cough china) Kit.

    My parts will be coming on the next slow boat from china, I hope that N Kor cruft dies the fuck down, for my parts to make it. I got enough so I could reverse engineer one and still have a spare. Why the heck don't we make these parts here?

  5. Why the heck don't we make these parts here?

    That was rhetorical, right?


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