14 November 2010

sam wanted to know what i think of this

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I am unspeakably sorry to have to tell you that I think all the pressure from Truthers is about to unfold a limited hangout. The difference between going for the popularity and going for the evidence and taking legal action is that the popularity can drown out the whole truth. Plus, here will be a SPECTACULAR hedge against the mounting rage of the population. It will mollify the kids, and it will distract the entire nation... and we still won't get the truth... and we will be even further enslaved.


I so don't want to be a wet rag. I was falling for it for a long time, but there kept being questions, pretty consequential ones, and all kinds of investigating and researching kept interrupting my contemplation of them, but taking out the hours necessary to give Judy Wood a full hearing, combined with my having learned about the technologies possible through the engineerable torsion physics, well, my questions were answered. The only thing that bugs me now is why all the bombs and nanothermite except if they didn't know their new weapon would work?

I loved how McIlvaine kept Rivera off his bullshit sensationalism though. I'd die for Bob McIlvaine.

love, 99


  1. I have a rule for the use of "sorry". No blood, no sorry. truth ROCKS!

  2. This is classic, Fraudmuda-triangle

    What I'm getting at by actually getting in peoples faces is this...
    "In this situation, let me suggest, the country faces an existential threat. Either the legal system must do its work. Or the market system cannot be restored. There must be a thorough, transparent, effective, radical cleaning of the financial sector and also of those public officials who failed the public trust. The financiers must be made to feel, in their bones, the power of the law. And the public, which lives by the law, must see very clearly and unambiguously that this is the case."

    James K Galbraith

    any POPULARITY CENTER, pick one

    Sorry about the black eye, but you where talking out yer ass.

  3. What black eye and what talking out whose ass?

  4. Go to bradblog and look....try not to swing, I dare ya! I double dog dare ya!

    If you don't hit him you will be hitting yourself. Tough Love. Tough Love.

  5. We're getting raped AND we're taking it.

    Swing, for the love of truth throw a fucking punch.

  6. Oh, fer fucksakes. I haven't been to BB in almost a year and I don't give a shit what he's doing. Just don't go there. It's a fucking glue pit. He loves people fighting him. Gets him hits on his counter. Jesus.

  7. You know, after you tell people they are wasting your time, you have to stop letting them waste your time. I told him every way to Sunday... and I meant it. Truly, Sam, I could give a shit less what he's saying or doing. Anybody listening to him has karma to work out.

  8. You flatter him to put him in that company. Groupthink. Democratic Fascists. Poison. It does NO good, Sam. None. They WANT to fight each other so they don't have to fight the enemy. They make the enemy happy that way. The ones who are real humans will see and they will stop. The others... NOTHING, no amount of reason, and certainly no amount of insults will help. DON'T FIGHT THEM. It's a waste.

    I've been telling you this for months. I'm right. Get with people who will DO something. Support, positively support true humans. DO NOT WASTE YOURSELF ON WHATEVER CRAP HAS YOU FREAKED RIGHT NOW. Put your energy behind REAL people.

  9. i'm just sooooooo sick of the feed...i want to kill


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