06 November 2010

today in that hopey changey thing

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Obama calls India creator, not poacher, of US jobs
... By the end of the first of his three days in India, he was promoting $10 billion in trade deals — completed in time for his visit — that the White House says will create about 54,000 jobs at home.

That's a modest gain compared with the extent of the enduring jobless crisis in the United States. Economists say it would require on the level of 300,000 new jobs a month to put a real dent in an unemployment rate stuck near 10 [23] percent.

Yet to Obama, the bigger picture was the lucrative potential of an unleashed trading relationship between India and the United States.
The headline is so outrageously bullshit and the piece is so obviously pure mental conditioning, not even pertinent to actuality, I don't deign to link the sucker.

love, 99


  1. Meg Whitman giving him a blow job or something?

  2. Oh. Well. Now. THAT would tend to excuse him for making such a fucking psychedelic statement! I don't think he's got a dick for her to blow. I am CERTAIN he has no testicles and I'm fairly certain he doesn't even have a dick. In FACT, it seems they rerouted his piss to keep him hydrated... uric acid crystals in his BRAIN are causing all this.

    Don't listen to me. I just HATE the filthy swine.


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