28 November 2010


[click image, video, hour and forty minutes]


I don't think I could ever possibly fully express how much I revile this twit doing this interview, but the problem is that she sometimes manages to get with good people to hear, and this is one of those times. So. I grit my teeth and endure my urges to smack her, as it's fairly clear does her victim here, Graham Hancock, who speaks quite pointedly about the fiction that has been forced upon us and points to things we should be considering heavily. Believe me, if I could figure out a way to blot out evidence of this woman's existence on my blog, I would. She is SO full of shit it makes me miserable to contemplate the numbers of people following her "work". C'est la vie type of thing, I guess, c'est la vie....

There is not enough love in the world.

love, 99

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