17 November 2010


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What interests you and why?

love, 99


  1. I saw an article the other day talking of a man who had lost his job and was living on food stamps.

    They made the statement that to understand the man's plight we should try living on $4.50 per day for food.

    $4.50 x 7 = $31.50 per week.

    I have a family of 4. 4 x $31.50 = $126 per week.

    My food budget runs between $75 and $90 per week.


  2. It is RADICALLY more expensive to feed one than four, and if yer homeless it's even worse. PLUS, if you don't live near the big city the price of groceries is HUGELY more. ONE green pepper = $3.89 here... except once or twice in a season when you can get them 2 for a dollar. Bread is a minimum of $4 a loaf.


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