16 November 2010

you gotta do this TODAY

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Surprise, surprise, I managed not to miss this today, and I highly recommend a listen. Unfortunately, if you don't do it TODAY, right away, it goes into their paid subscription archive and you have to be a person of means to access it. Despite the context being space aliens or other-dimensional entities, there is a LOT in this that is good to hear. Just as, also, oddly, there is with this Tsarion fellow I link betimes. I'm admiring of these guys because they are taking what has been locked into mystical schools for centuries and trying to free it from so-stale-as-to-be-only-misleading terms. I have not the first part of a clue whether they are sticking to the space-alien/extra-dimensional-entity frame strictly to move people in that general mindset toward enlightening being or if they know something I just don't. ALL there is here with me on that point is that [1] it makes more sense than the other stories, when you get right down to it; and [2] one needn't have any conviction one way or the other about these to get a lot out of what is expressed. So I hope you go for this.

love, 99

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