28 December 2010

all you turkeys wanna think about this when the tsa is grabbing yer giblets

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WHAT are we being basted with?


And WHY is it this cold?
Global warming activists have warned for years that warming could cause the "great conveyor belt" of warm ocean water to shut down. They say that such a shut down could - in turn - cause the climate to abruptly change, and a new ice age to begin.
Also, see this, this and this. I mean, I don't know why suddenly it's so bad that airports are staying closed down THIS long. Seems to me that in blizzards past it was always they'd be closed only for the worst of it and and happening as soon as the runways were scraped, and now it seems that every volcano and storm is shutting down travel for days and weeks instead of a matter of hours.

love, 99


  1. While I first heard of this about two years ago, if you look at the dates of the articles you have linked it is obviously not new. The Woods Hole article was first published in 2003, yet this information is not widely known.

    It should be front page headline news!

  2. I stole the links from someone with access to LEXIS/NEXIS. Life is so much easier with it. You may recall me griping about the lack of access to it. So I ripped them right off, guilt free.

    Just presenting the kaleidoscope for yiz, dat's all. I think it is beyond fixing now. The oceans are poisonous and their critters being wiped out. We can be glad we're old, but... we're not going to die happy.


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