29 December 2010

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I do not believe Bradley Manning did it. I think the whole Manning/Lamo/Wired thing was a scam.
The Glenn Greenwald / Kevin Poulsen exchanges this week have centred around a dispute over the alleged Bradley Manning / Adrian Lamo chat logs that form the sole evidence currently implicating Manning in leaking classified information.

As a little more background into Lamo's reliability at the time the chat logs were published, here is a thread on Fairfax Underground where someone posted another leaked chat log involving Lamo's wife and Nadim, a person Lamo refers to as a "disgruntled fan".

The original poster also includes the portion of the chat logs which Lamo claims he leaked to Wikileaks, further claiming they then "outed" him as their source. This thread is discussed in an article in DailyTech which contains an update at the end when they discovered that Lamo had actually outed himself "in the form of a podcast interview Lamo gave to an Australian blog site".

All of the evidence into the mental state and reliability of the sole informant in this case raises the question of why chat logs, in the hands of a self proclaimed hacker, passed on to a journalist who professes great respect for the hacking skills of this source, are being treated as reliable legal evidence. In what format were they provided to Wired (and the DoJ)? Was there third party monitoring? Why did Wired believe these logs, knowing their source? Why should anyone?
No one should.


If Lamo had outed himself as a WikiLeaker, so much the more suspect his being dragged off to the bin against his will and coming back to immediately begin engaging in "online chats" with Bradley Manning that would end up, incredibly, making Manning confess to a total stranger in an insecure environment, when he was supposedly freaking that he would get busted, that he'd done this huge thing.


It was someone much bigger, and they either can't figure out who, or who's so big they don't want it public. And if the whole thing was set up to get out to the public some information they WANT us to think, it was something they are too terrified to tell us straight out, NOT some Zionist plot against their enemies, and not even some NWO ruse to take away the intertubes. No way in hell they would have parted with those OCEANS of material to do either of those things.

They are either trying to flush out a high level leaker, or trying to get out information to cripple VERY bad people. I'd say, oddly, that the latter is somewhat likely, because it explains why certain people have been calling for Assange's hide and why Holder is limping along with this BLATANTLY unAmerican crap. I don't think they'd go quite this far if it was only to flush someone out.

I wish they'd given everything to ME. I'd damn well read and not stop until I found the needle in that haystack.

love, 99

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