23 December 2010

max is being far too kind

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Rachel Maddow is a fascist stooge. There wasn't any question of that even before the WikiLeaks thing blew up, but I guess now we can take this as confirmation. You should be reminded that WikiLeaks did not write the cables; anyone with half a brain knows that the point is not particularly the veracity of the contents of the cables but the FACT of their having been written as they were. I think Max must only be surmising that Michael Moore was in on this with her because Michael Moore went to great lengths to help secure Assange's release from jail and would NOT be reprehensible enough to ever assert that the bullshit in the Cuba "Sicko" cable was WikiLeaks' doing.

In case you missed it before, I reiterate: Progressives are even MORE avid for progressing into frank fascism than conservatives. It's readily apparent all over Groupthink and blinking neon on Rachel Maddow's show. PLEASE. Snap out of the consensus trance and LOOK.

love, 99

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