30 December 2010


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Just my standard operating apoplexy. Don't mind me.

Hold yer head, pfeh....

If I had kids, I'd probably drug them too... to be kind.

Oh, what else?

We'll show that maniac upstart....

Good-bye, it was wonderful to know you.

Yes, Hollywood has already made this perfectly crystal clear, thank you.

Bad poetry in a good cause....

Break for a random quote....

I want one... preferably wealthy....

I saw him first....

Max, for earlybirds....

Oh, NOT stale fries too! That's just too much to bear.

Now I'm going for take two on the getting in bed thing. The headache was too bad, but it's ebbing somewhat now. It was probably that Lash Charlatan who put me over the edge... or the fact that I keep bumping my beautifully-healed but still sore finger. I can't believe it keeps being my left forefinger that bashes into everything. Even, and maybe especially, in places where bonking the Mark of Zorro finger is the last thing you'd ever think of.... If this happens one more time, I'm packing it in cotton and taping it up... no matter HOW stupid it looks.

love, 99


  1. Ya know, they've been pushing this emigration to Mars thing on and off for months, and I'm beginning to think they will have some takers pretty soon.


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