25 December 2010

the noise from the peanut gallery

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I am glad someone can take it on with a civil tone....


You know, I think it would be so hip if Julian just called in to Alex's show and apologized for the 9/11 comment. He could just say, "Look, I am very, very sorry I said that. I was so consumed at the time with finding ways to fend off accusations of being some online disinformation artist or conspiracy nut, trying so hard to get real information into the real world that it never crossed my mind what an insult it would be to people who have worked so hard for so long toward the same end. I had the time in the dungeon to think about it, and I regret insulting so many good people." He could just say that the once and how many millions of otherwise balanced people would stop being so damn paranoid about him?

love, 99


  1. Texas & Utah...Simon Black-Why Cuba May Just Be The Ideal Home For Future Expats

    "Cuba is a complete disaster, but it's hard to imagine the place getting much worse. There does seem to be a lot of potential, and the country could turn into a boomtown overnight given the right conditions.

    Two things need to happen in order for Cuba to substantially improve-- first, the government needs to reduce its control over the economy and start allowing private employment, private ownership, and private businesses. This is already happening. [Allowing Hotels to operate since 2008]

    The second thing is that the ridiculous trade embargo needs to be lifted. I'm convinced that Barack Obama is keeping this card as his ace in the hole, and he'll use it in 2012 if the Presidential race is tight. Lifting the embargo would help him tremendously with the Latino vote and likely win over Florida."

    WHY NOT?

  2. Because the Revolution doesn't want private shit. Lift the trade embargo and let CUBA run their OWN affairs. However "bad" conditions might be, even with our crippling embargo, they've done better than we have. If they want to let capitalist pit vipers in, then fine, but WHO is Simon Black, or any of us, to make these pronouncements? Sounds just like wanting to make Muslim women take off their coverings to me.


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